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Our enormous experience in Hajj and Umrah Services has led to the loyal customer base, which have been repeatedly using

Why Bakhla?

We provide you with luxurious accommodation, which is closest to the places of worship during your period of stay in Makkah & Madinah


We offer a diverse range of tours to explore and experience the spiritual richness of various religious destinations around the world.


The luxury Hajj package with top-tier amenities and services, making your pilgrimage a truly memorable experience.The five-star Hajj package includes luxurious accommodations and private transportation for a seamless journey.
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A variety of Umrah packages, including economy, standard, and premium options, ensure there is a package to fit every budget.Our Umrah package covers all aspects of the pilgrimage, including flights, lodging, guided tours, and spiritual guidance.
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The luxury Ziyarat package includes a dedicated concierge service, addressing the unique needs and desires of each pilgrim.The budget-friendly economy Ziyarat package offers essential services, making the pilgrimage accessible to a broader range of travelers.
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Bakhla International Travels

We Are One Of The Leading Haj And Umrah Tour Organisers In Mumbai. It Is An Honour To Serve The Pilgrims Of Makkah Mukarrama And Madinah Munawarrah Since Last 35+ Years.
We understand the immense significance of Hajj and Umrah in the lives of pilgrims. Our track record of delivering safe and well-organized trips over the years has earned us the trust and confidence of countless pilgrims.
Our experienced guides are well-versed in the religious and historical aspects of the destinations you will visit. They will provide insightful information and ensure that you have a deep understanding of the spiritual significance of each location.

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Bhakhla International Travels.Our ultimate aim is your satisfaction and spiritual enrichment. We take pride in the positive feedback and testimonials from our satisfied pilgrims. Our team is available around the clock to address any concerns or issues that may arise during your trip.

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